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Lilandra Dennis

I believe that humans are dynamic creatures. We should not solely depend on the knowledge gained in our formal education but we must seek our own knowledge and develop new skills beyond this. Due to this mentality, I like to try new things in order to develop various skills. I now proudly coin myself a “Multipotentialite”.

I have a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering and I am currently pursuing a MSc. in Renewable Energy Technology. I have completed many courses from Project Management to Web Development to Data Analytics, which I utilise in my everyday life. What is life, careers or even relationships & interactions, but a project that can be managed, developed, analysed and nurtured. I believe that having many skills is better than being an expert in only one because you can add value to your team in multiple ways and can enhance those skills through multiple avenues.

I love to create. As a child, I always received Arts & Crafts supplies as presents. I would spend hours creating jewellery and paintings. I also loved solving puzzles and building with Legos. Your creativity is what drives you. The ability to be creative yet analytical is a true blessing. Whenever you are stuck in your head, that is the best time to create. It releases you from the shackles of obsessive thought. As an adult, my thoughts still drive me to creation. But now it is creation as a solution to problems. I design and build my own furniture, plan and create paintings for my space & accessories for my clothing. My guilty pleasure is real estate; I spend hours looking at floor plans of houses and apartments. I choose the layout that just does not seem to be functional and recreate the floorplan, optimising it to what I would deem more purposeful. I clearly still love puzzles.

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William Shakespeare

"A jack of all trades is a master of none,
but oftentimes better than a master of one."

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