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Beyond the Desk: Crafting a Workspace That Fits Me

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

All my life, the narrative was clear: productivity requires a desk, complete with a chair that swings, twists, and turns, coupled with a view of a wall. From high chairs to primary school tables, the journey to our designated workspace seems predetermined.

My first encounter with a desk was the light brown wood grain setup my parents got me as a remedy to my homework struggles. Despite its allure, the mosquitoes persisted, and the wall felt confining. University reintroduced me to the desk, but the discomfort persisted. The bed became my sanctuary, textbooks as makeshift desks.

Fast forward to the pandemic, where I found myself teaching from my bed. Back pain ensued, leading me to contemplate a desk. However, the vision of a recliner serving both business and leisure took root. I envisioned a desk on wheels, a space-saving marvel.

The journey from concept to reality involved measurements, sketches, Solidworks simulations, and a visit to the local sawmill. Carving this dream desk was no small feat, involving trial and error, recycled dining table parts, and a touch of carpentry for good measure.

Today, as I write from this custom creation, I reflect on Picasso's wisdom: "Everything you can imagine is real." This desk, born from a thought many doubted, stands as a remarkable, fascinating, and ingenious reality. It's a testament to the power of imagination – a reminder to always dare to dream.

So here I am, breaking free from the traditional desk narrative, proving that the workspace you envision can be uniquely yours. Always dare to imagine.

Click this link to view the desk:

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